Check Point Infinity provides complete protection from known and zero-day attacks across the environment, including cloud and mobile. The simple, business-oriented management interface reduces complexity, making it easier to deliver security and compliance with constrained staff and budget. Infinity helps organizations deliver agile yet secure IT, which can adapt as business requirements change. Through advanced threat revention, business-oriented policy management, and cloud-based threat intelligence, Infinity delivers a solid foundation for a sustainable, effective risk management strategy.

Virtually all IT Security organizations seek to improve their ability to mitigate risk at a reasonable, sustainable investment level. Three challenges make this extremely difficult:

  • An aggressive, rapidly evolving threat landscape.
  • The organization’s dynamic, evolving set of data, applications and infrastructure that need to be protected (mobile, cloud/SaaS, and third party outsourcing are but three examples).
  • Finding and retaining security staff that can translate business goals into technical strategies that are effective and sustainable over time.

Given these challenges, many in the industry have concluded that true protection is unattainable, and therefore the focus should move to detecting and mitigating threats after they have penetrated defences. This however is a very risky strategy. What is needed is a security architecture that adapts to dynamic business demands and is focused on prevention to ensure all key assets are completely protected.

Check Point Infinity is the only consolidated cyber-security architecture that future- proofs your business and IT infrastructure across all networks, cloud and mobile. Infinity leverages three key advantages to solve the challenges faced by IT Security:


Advanced Threat Prevention

The industry’s leading suite of protection capabilities, deployed across networks, cloud and mobile.


Threat Intelligence Platform

The Check Point ThreatCloud, which amalgamates and distributes threat intelligence and protection updates in real-time.


Consolidated Management

A unified management interface that allows business-oriented risk policies to be operationalized into security protections, with APIs for integration with IT infrastructure and applications.

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