Network Performance
Network Management Monitor

Reduce network outages and improve performance with advanced network monitoring software.

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring
  • NetPathTM critical path visualization
  • Performance analysis dashboard
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Network Insight for Cisco ASA
  • Network Insight for F5 BIG-IP


Network Configuration Manager

Automated network configuration and compliance management.

Key Features
  • Network automation
  • Network compliance
  • Configuration backup
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Network Insight for Cisco ASA
  • Integration with Network Performance Monitor


IP Address Manager

Save time and prevent costly errors with affordable, easy-to-use IP address management software.

Key Features
  • Automated IP address tracking
  • Integrated DHCP, DNS, and IP address management
  • IP alerting, troubleshooting, and reporting
  • Multi-vendor DHCP and DNS support
  • Integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator
  • API Support


User Device Tracker

Locate users and devices on your network with User Device Tracker.

Key Features
  • Quickly locate network devices
  • Map and monitor WAPs, switches, and ports
  • Manage switch and switch port capacity
  • Detect rogue devices and users
  • Turn ports on and off remotely
  • Unified IT administration dashboard


NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Network traffic analyzer and bandwidth monitoring software.

Key Features
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Performance Analysis Dashboard
  • CBQoS policy optimization
  • Customizable network traffic reports
  • NBAR2 advanced application recognition


VoIP and Network Quality Manager

Deep dive into critical call QoS metrics and WAN performance insights.

Key Features
  • Monitor WAN QoS performance
  • Troubleshoot VoIP call quality problems
  • Cisco VoIP gateway and PRI trunk monitoring
  • Visual VoIP call path trace
  • Simplify IP SLA setup
  • Optional High Availability


Engineer’s Toolset

Over 60 must-have network troubleshooting and diagnostic tools.

Key Features
  • Automated network discovery
  • Real time monitoring and alerting
  • Powerful diagnostic capabilities
  • Enhanced network security
  • Configuration & log management
  • IP address and DHCP scope monitoring


Network Topology Mapper

Automatically plot your network in minutes with network mapping software.

Key Features
  • Automate device discovery and mapping
  • Build multiple maps from a single scan
  • Export network diagrams to Visio
  • Auto-detect changes to network topology
  • Perform multi-level network discovery
  • Address regulatory PCI compliance


Kiwi CatTools

Powerful network automation and configuration management software.

Key Features
  • Schedule automated backups
  • Perform bulk configuration changes
  • Increase security
  • Rollback network configuration
  • Compare and analyze config changes
  • Generate automated email reports